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The significant roles of service organizations, entrepreneurial ventures and SMEs in general to the growth of many of the world’s economies have been documented. However, growth is just one dimension of development. Economic development involves an increase in living standards, greater choice of goods and services, improvement in social and environmental wellbeing, low level of unemployment, and security (in general). It also deals with an increase in a country's real level of national output which can result from an increase in the quality and quantity of operand and operant resources, and improvements in technology. Economic development is concerned with sustainability and takes into account the size and quality of the informal economy. It alleviates people from low standards of living into a better quality of life. Small enterprises and service organizations have made significant contributions towards economic development and quality of life in many nations, but they are yet to reach their maximum potential. The ongoing economic meltdown and the reduction in oil prices have additional adverse effect on their contributions. GCSMES 2015 is a forum designed to bring together researchers and practitioners to deliberate on several issues around the conference theme. 

Manuscripts should be sent to the secretariat at Submissions in the form of case study, conceptual, empirical and practitioner papers are invited in the following (but not limited) areas:

Accounting Business to Business Branding
Competitiveness and Performance Creative Thinking, Creativity and Innovation CSR, Ethics and Governance
CRM and E-commerce Cross Cultural Issues Customer Relationship Management
Diaspora Entrepreneurship Environmental Quality Management Entrepreneurial Marketing
Entrepreneurship Education Franchising and Outsourcing Gender and minority issues
Family Business HR Management and Industrial Relations ICT and Innovation
Finance International Business / Marketing International Management and Finance
Green Business Knowledge Management Leadership
Indigenous Entrepreneurship Multinational and Transnational Enterprises Psychology of Entrepreneurship
Internationalization of Small Firms Operations Strategy Service Innovation
Mindfulness SMEs and Economic Development Succession Planning
Social Entrepreneurship Supply Network Management Sustainability
Strategic Management and Quality Tourism and Hospitality Research Women Business Owners