About Us

The Global Conference on SME, Entrepreneurship and Service Innovation (GCSMES) is convened by the Global Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SME Academy (GEIS Academy). Started in 2005, GCSMES has membership and affiliates in about 40 countries, which include some of the world-renowned and upcoming scholars and industry captains. GEIS Academy has trained researchers and executives, advised government policy-makers, and organized many events and conferences around the globe including Africa, Asia, Australasia, MENA, Europe and Americas. GEIS Academy’s premier event, the GCSMES, creates opportunity for SME, entrepreneurship, family business, service innovation, sustainability, and tourism researchers, practitioners and policy makers to meet and discuss developments in their fields, as well as ways to improve managerial practice, research, and policy-making. Known for its quality and collegiality, the conference empowers and provides a conducive environment for early career researchers and more experienced academics to network freely, interact, and strike collaborations in areas of mutual interest. Moreover, participants get the opportunity to experience the beauty of the local community, culture, environment, and scenic architecture of the host city.

Other activities and services provided by GEIS Academy:

  • Early Career Research Mentorship and Collaboration 
  • Teaching and Communication Skills Development
  • Contract Research for Industry and Government
  • Entrepreneurship Mentoring Programs (from Nascent to Serial Entrepreneurs)
  • SME Internationalization Process
  • Opportunity Identification and Evaluation, Feasibility Analysis
  • Innovation and New Venture Creation
  • Promotion of Grassroots Innovations/Technologies and Indigenous Entrepreneurship
  • SME Advocacy and Policy/Government Representation
  • Service Blueprint and Business Model Development
  • Bespoke Services

We look forward to welcoming you to our events.