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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) constitute a major part of organizations responsible for growth rates in countries. Recent developments in the world have created new opportunities and challenges for SMEs and entrepreneurial ventures around the globe. These developments have also intensified the need for these organizations to review their competitive contexts and strategies. Rapid technological advances, growth of the circular economy, non-ownership business models, global supply chain management complexities, environmental vulnerabilities, resources depletion, the pandemic, and recent propagation of nationalistic ideologies are just a few examples of environmental trends that are compelling small firms worldwide to redefine their strategies and growth trajectory.

GCSMES 2023 provides a great opportunity for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to discuss the challenges and opportunities for SMEs and entrepreneurs in the light of these developments. Cyprus, the host country of GCSMES 2023 is a key economy in Europe with beautiful natural, heritage and created resources that offer researchers, practitioners and policy makers a great opportunity to convene and deliberate on issues around the opportunities, challenges and strategies of SMEs and entrepreneurial firms in the new millennium.

We invite submissions in the form of case study, conceptual, empirical and practitioner papers to the following (but not limited) tracks.


Artificial Intelligence



Competitiveness and Performance

Covid-19 and SMEs

CSR, Ethics and Governance

Cross Cultural Issues

CRM and e-Business

Customer Engagement and Relationship Marketing by SMEs

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Environmental Quality Management and Sustainability & Green business

Family Business

Financing and financial management

Franchising and Outsourcing

Gender and minority issues

Healthcare services

Human resource and organizational issues

ICT and Innovation Management

International Business/Management
Internationalization of Small Firms

Indigenous and Diaspora Entrepreneurship

Knowledge Management & Entrepreneurship Education

Legal Issues

Mindfulness & Entrepreneurship

Multinational and Transnational Enterprise

Operations Strategy

Small Business Marketing Research

SME/Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy

Service Innovation

Social Entrepreneurship

SMEs, Economic Development & Sustainability

Supply Chain/network, Operations and Logistics Studies

Tourism and Hospitality Research

 Women-owned Business