Refereed papers

Nafis Alam
IT & E-Readiness Assessment of MSME in India: An Overview

Md Abu Saleh and M Yunus Ali
Drivers of Importer Commitment to Import Suppliers and its Impact on Performance: A Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise

Amran Awang, Shaiful Annuar Khalid, Mohammad Ismail, Mohd Subri Tahir, Sazali Mahmud and Kamsol Mohd Kassim 
Personality And Contextual Factors As Determinants Of Entrepreneurial Intention Among Malaysian Students

José BILAU and Eduardo COUTO 
Exploring the determinants behind the creation and initial capital structure of innovative firms: a human capital perspective

Helen Samujh and S.Susela Devi
SMEs and the Professional Accountant: A Review of the Empirical Literature

Francesca Gagliardi and Francesco Trivieri
Is There A Synergetic Link Among Coops? Investigating The Relationship Between Financial And Non-Financial Cooperatives

Patrick Halloran
Spi In A Small Organisation: The Paradox Of Cultures And Organisational Learning

Mei-Chih Hu
Exploring Technological Innovation Trajectories under Modularity: Evidence from Taiwan’s Bicycle Industry

Murray Hunter
Revolutionary Empowerment: A Re-look at Spirituality, Cultural Integrity and Development

Murray Hunter
Towards an Islamic Business Model: A Tawhid Approach

Paul Kenny
The Small Business Entities Income Tax Accounting Concessions: Snakes And Ladders For Small Business

Paul Kenny
Quarantining Small Business Income Tax Losses: A Competitive Disadvantage for Small Business?

Cheryll Lim and Lek Chai Lim 
Adoption of Management Accounting Practices: An Exploratory Study of Malaysian SMEs

Margaret Jekanyika Matanda, Nelson Oly Ndubisi and Judy A. Siguaw
Evaluating Variations in Market Orientation within and across Stages of Supply Chain in Small and Large Businesses

Leone Cameron and Peter Miller
Enhancing HRM practice in SMEs using the concept of Relationship Marketing

Sumesh R. Nair
Holistic Environmental Quality System (HE QSM) for SME Productivity – A Conceptual Model

Que Thi Nguyet Nguyen and Philip A. Neck 
Key Enablers for Enhancing Knowledge Management Processes: A Means of Competitive Advantage for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Vietnam

Thanh Hai Nguyen, Quamrul Alam and Daniel Prajogo 
The impact of government trade policy on SMEs’ development and competitive advantages

Craig M. Parker, Janice Redmond and Mike Simpson
Intervention Strategies To Engage Small And Medium Sized Enterprises In Environmental Good Practice

Shanthy Rachagan and Elsa Satkunasingam
The Self Enforcing Model and Corporate Governance in SMEs

Gita Radhakrishna
E-Commerce and E-Contracts: A Minefield?

Rajesh Rajaguru, Margaret Jekanyika Matanda and Nelson Oly Ndubisi 
Inter-Organisational Integration and Business Performance in Small Retailing Firms: The mediating role organisational-level supply chain functions

Graham Ray
FAO by Small Business – A Matter of Perspectives

Murray Rees and Ron Edwards
The Innovation Roles And Personal Characteristics Of Those Involved In Export Initiation - A Conceptual Model

Tissa Rajapake and Ramanie Samaratunge
Integrating Small and Medium Enterprises into the Globalizing Market: The Case of Sri Lanka

Tissa Rajapakse, Ramanie Samaratunge and Rowena Barrett
Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the Sri Lankan Community in Melbourne

Ananda Samudhram
Creating Robust Malaysian SMEs: A Complementary Role for Small Scale Accounting and Consulting Firms

Diana Sari, Quamrul Alam and Nicholas Beaumont
Internationalisation and Performance of Indonesian Manufacturing Exporting SMEs

Elsa Satkunasingam
Hurting Customer Relationships And Exposure To Legal Sanctions: A Case Analysis Of SMEs And Large Firms And The Panacea

A Mirmohseni and M Sedghi
Toward a model of developing successful startups at incubators Case study in Iran

Neeru Sharma
A Need for a New Model for Internationalisation of High-Technology SMEs

S Smulders and M Stiglingh
Annual Tax Compliance Costs For Small Businesses: A Survey Of Tax Practitioners In South Africa

Siohong Tih and Takeru Ohe
Consulting-based Entrepreneurship Training Program

Calvin Wang, Elizabeth Walker and Janice Redmond
Gender as a Predictor of Planning in Small Business

Kuan Yew Wong
A Model for Knowledge Management Systems Adoption in Malaysian SMEs

Jianzhong Xiao and Fuhong
Spatial Variations in Entrepreneurship Development in China: Evidence and Implications for Local Policy

Babak Ziyae and Zainal Abidin Mohamed
Entrepreneurship Engineering Thought As A Vital Concept At Manufacturing Companies (A Study On Textile Industry)

Leigh Derigo
Journey to International Business

Abdel Halabi and Robyn Dyt
Using Qualitative Information To Examine How Australian Small Business Owners Assess Financial Performance

Rajul Joshi and Chandrasekar Pandyan
Knowledge Management means of Innovation and sustainability for SME: walkthrough and review of SME & KM Convergence

Cheryll Lim and Lek Chai Lim
The Impact of Performance Measurement System Implementation on Organizational Culture in SMEs: Towards The Development of A Conceptual Model

Minu Mehta
Creating Sustainable Ecosystems for Women Entrepreneurs: The role of Trade Associations

Lemay Llorente Quesada, Kobus Visser and Mark Boekstein
The Role of Provincial Government Support in the Development of Black-owned Small Tourism Enterprises: A Cape Town Focus

Diana Rajendran, Ambika Zutshi and Andrew Creed
Is Work-Family Balance impeded by use of Information Technology?

Langeswaran Supramaniam and Saraswathy Supramaniam
Optimisation Of Formal Best Practice Methods (Fbpm) In Small Medium Enterprises (SmeS) For Performance Efficiency

Christine Lee, Damian Morgan and Peter Townsend
Business responses of small accommodation providers to demand seasonality in coastal Victoria

Elizabeth Walker and Rowena Barrett 
A Practical Approach To Building Hr Capacity In Small Firms